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-Daughter beating.

Beatings can be a lot worse, though he was BEATING her.

Either way she is MILKING the situation (her mom too).

Boo-hoo daddy took your car. Well daddy took mine to, but do you see me crying to everyone about it as well as BLACK MAILING him. Then again my dad didn’t BEAT me.

The WHOLE family is FUCKED UP, and no mam, the judge is not ‘almost god like’ to the community.

It’s my community too bitch, and honestly I didn’t give a shit about him until now.

And the shit that I give about this Aransas county judge is a swift kick in the balls. Learn to respect a human body Sir. You have certainly respected many minds, except that of your daughters. The body is valuable too. Especially to those with a disability.

And for you princess, get the fuck over it. Bad things happen to people all the dam time, quit cryin and move on cause you and I both know your not trying to ‘help’ your dad. I got over the shit that happened to me, and so did (just about) everyone else who has had the damned upon them. Get the fuck off Dr. Phil, Nancy Grace, and the Today Show…. your making my area look bad!!!

I would like to say I’m not taking either side to the case. Just saying there is a point to a family SECRET. Keep it a fucking secret, cause your just going to make yourself and your family look fucking stupid.

& YES. I am from the area. I’m a resident of Aransas Pass.

As for the people who hold the fame, which is giving this beaten princess her voice…. Lay off. Your making the poor girl’s head too big.

the bitch better not get a movie.


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